What You Should Ask Your Roofing Contractor

A roofing project is too huge an investment for you to choose the wrong roofing contractor. Contact several roofing contractors and ask if they are locally licensed, their workmanship warranty, and if they are certified, as discussed in the video. The responses you receive will help you choose the best roof contractor.

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You should confirm if the roofing contractors are locally licensed because it will be easier to reach them if your roof develops problems. It is not uncommon for roofing contractors from other states to move to other states, especially after a disaster, to fix roofs and leave shortly after. They have no offices locally, and they may not know the local roofing guidelines.

If you have already identified the shingles you want to use, you need to find out if the roof contractors are certified by the manufacturer. This is confirmation that the manufacturer has trained and trusts the roof contractors to have the skill and experience in installing the shingles. Very few contractors get certified by shingles manufacturers. If you find one, it is safe to assume you have got the best people for the job.

Roof contractors with a workmanship warranty of at least 10 years are better than those who offer no workmanship warranty. Some roofing contractors even offer a lifetime warranty because they trust in the quality of the products they use and their skills. This warranty will protect your investment, but you also need to check what other customers have to say before signing the contract.


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