Important Questions to Ask Your Roofing Company

You may find it necessary to find a roofing company that provides a large array of roofing services and provides valuable insights. Before you hire any contractor, there are always important questions you need to ask. These questions serve as a comprehensive checklist to assess the legitimacy and professionalism of potential roofing contractors.

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Firstly, it is recommended to ask for the roofer’s office address, emphasizing the importance of establishing their legitimacy. The second question involves requesting the contractor’s license number, ensuring they are licensed in the local area and possess the capability to obtain necessary permits.

Moving forward, the third question pertains to workers’ compensation insurance, a critical aspect for protecting against injuries and potential liability. The fourth question addresses upfront payments and how to go about paying for the service.

The fifth question focuses on a satisfaction guarantee, providing homeowners with assurance in case the roofer fails to meet expectations. Bookman’s bonus question addresses the potentially illegal practice of roofers helping pay deductibles, offering additional awareness to homeowners.

This advice equips homeowners with a strategic approach to evaluating and selecting professional and legitimate roofers, emphasizing transparency, compliance with regulations, and the importance of guarantees for customer satisfaction.

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