What Roofing Companies Say Your Insurance Should Cover for Wind Damage

Household insurance can be a tricky subject. Insurance companies customize the plans they offer for the area where a property is located. For example, insurance companies may cover hurricane damage in areas more prone to hurricanes. While other home insurance plans might offer additional water damage cover in areas prone to flooding. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of wind, watch the YouTube video “Why does insurance pay for the roof?”

Things to Ask Your Insurance Company

Roof replacement costs go up every year. The longer a roof replacement is left, the more expensive it will eventually be.

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The insurance companies would rather pay for a repair job than a replacement. That’s why they’ll encourage homeowners to repair their roofs through insurance. This is especially true in areas prone to high wind speeds because wind can cause significant damage to a roof over time.

When you consult with your insurance broker, ask about their roof cover and what you’re entitled to under your chosen plan. Find out how to repair a damaged roof and how much you are covered under various circumstances. Being proactive is far better than being reactive. Roofing companies work with wind-damaged roofs all the time. They advise getting on top of doing repairs and using your insurance to get it done.


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