What to Expect During Your Oklahoma Storm and Hail Damage Roofing Inspection

A roof is a big investment for your property, and you always want to ensure its value doesn’t depreciate. A hail storm in Oklahoma can cause extensive damage to your roof, requiring you to invest in home roof repair. Imagine a thousand golf balls on top of your roof being thrown by a pro golfer; that should give you an idea of how much damage the storm can do to your roof shingles, vent hoods, gutters, skylights, and other roof elements. It’s always advisable to call in a roofer with the experience to inspect thoroughly after such an event. Here is what to expect during a hail damage roofing inspection from a roofing expert.

1. Roof Leakage Repair

If roof leaks are left unattended, your home can have major structural damage. You can spot a roof leak by inspecting your attic during a rainstorm to see if water is getting in, including checking for water spots on your ceiling. You may not notice some damage by yourself as they may not be visible.

You need an experienced roofer to point out any issues. Not all hail damage is noticeable because sometimes it may weaken your roofing system, causing it to leak later. You need a professional hail damage roofing inspection because it may manifest as gutter granules or shingles dimples.

A roofer will locate the roof leak, starting at the lowest point and working their way up. Normally, they use a flashlight and a ladder to examine the roof vents to check if the leakages are coming from there. Then, they will remove the damaged roof vent if they notice the boots and housing are cracked. They’ll also tear off old roofing shingles if they notice the leak is due to a faulty roof deck. Usually, they will remove shingles to get access to the damaged section.

Sometimes, addressing leaks in the roof can be a tricky gig. It does not necessarily mean a leak has formed directly above the water spot if water appears on your home’s ceiling or wall. Your roofer will be able to provide you with a long-lasting, effective roofing patch that is installed with quality and precision workmanship. A professional roofer has the tools to trace the water back to the leaks.

2. Enhanced Safety and Time Savings

One of the most essential parts of your home is your roof, as it shelters you, your pets, and your home interiors. When you face issues with your roof, especially if it’s minor, it’s tempting to grab a ladder and fix it yourself or hire the first roofer that may come your way. Any work related to your roof is outside the scope of amateur handypersons. Roofing requires special tools, safety equipment, skills, and experience. It is best to leave your hail damage roofing inspection and repair work to the pros.

You enjoy several great benefits when you hire an experienced roofer, like safety. Roofing work has significant risks. Without sufficient experience, you may be unfamiliar with the tools and draw most of your attention to completing the job, not your surroundings. When working on a sloppy, slippery roof, this can potentially result in a fatal fall. Hiring a professional roofer will save you from such risks of roof work.

Due to lack of knowledge, most people fail to complete repairs when they head up on the roof. Usually, it will take a lot of time before they can figure out the source of the problem and how to fix it. When working on your roof, you can’t focus on other priorities in your life.

A hail damage roofing inspection is not for everyone, as any delays in repairing your roof can put your entire home at risk of extended damage because of the imminent weather changes in Oklahoma. Professional roof contractors work to meet tight deadlines. They do their work efficiently and faster since it is their trade, and they are experts at what they do. This will leave you more time to focus on your work or enjoy ample quiet time with your loved ones.

A roofing company has the expertise. They’ll come on-site prepared with the proper equipment to repair your roof effectively and safely. Some safety equipment you will expect to see professional roofers use include roof brackets, safety harnesses, personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment hoists, fall arrest gear, heavy-duty ladders, and hard hats. Roofers are well-trained to do everything from hail damage roofing inspection to replacement and repairs.

3. Roofing Manufacturer’s Warranty

The roofing material your professional roofer recommends comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you the guarantee of the legitimacy of their product and high quality. You can easily void the warranty by trying DIY hail damage roofing inspection and repair or hiring a handyperson to work on your roof because of a lack of experience.

Usually, roof contractors who have been in the business for a while undergo manufacturer training and experience to provide you with the best available services. They keep your warranty intact by ensuring efficient work. On top of the manufacturer’s warranty, roofing contractors issue a workmanship warranty. So, if things go south, they can resolve it readily.

4. Reliability, Expertise, and Cost-Effective

A reliable and quality roofing job often comes from skills learned through years of hands-on experience. It takes a professional and licensed roofing contractor many hours to master the craft and develop their skills. This means there is no amount of watching DIY roofing videos, researching online, or reading ebooks that’ll give you reputable experience and knowledge.

Usually, when professional roofers are doing a hail damage roofing inspection, they have trained eyes to spot issues with your roofing problems, preventing minor issues from becoming major and costly. Furthermore, unlike general contractors or storm chasers, a roofing company will always be on standby for your home roof repair if something goes wrong with your roof.

If you DIY, you can plug the leak and get comfortable. However, you’ll expose your roof to worse wear and tear by failing to replace or repair that section of rotted roof decking. When you look for a professional roofer to rectify the problem, this will cost you more money. Professional roofers will always get it right immediately and prevent the problem from spiraling out of control. And, due to their long-term built relationship with suppliers, they can keep costs low and pass on the savings to you.

5. Use of Proper Tools and Equipment

Using proper tools for roof replacement and repairs is paramount. The advantage of hiring a professional roofer is that they can access the right equipment and tools for the job. Your utility knife, cutleries, ladder, hammer, or pliers won’t be enough to fix your roof.

Roof jobs require complex and different tools you can’t easily access without purchasing them. These tools can be expensive and cost you a substantial amount of money, which might be more than what you ordinarily would have spent by hiring a professional roofer. Hiring a roofer will save the agony of investing money in tools you might not use and know nothing about.

A residential roofer has all the right tools to ensure your project is successfully completed. Knowing a roofing contractor has the skills, experience, and knowledge to get the job done well gives you peace of mind. You are sure your roof will give you, your possessions, and your family reliable protection and withstand any future hail storm.

6. Importance of Regular Maintenance

Your roof is essential in safeguarding your family and home. It stands tall in defense against unpredictable hail storms and weather, including natural elements. Keeping up with its maintenance needs protects your investment and ensures your family’s safety and comfort.

A well-maintained roof improves your home’s energy efficiency. Issues such as leaks, gaps, and damaged insulation result in substantial energy wastage. This affects your heating and cooling systems, making them work harder than they should.

In addition, regular maintenance prevents costly repairs. When you neglect roof maintenance, you may think you are saving money. However, doing so may cause you to need a total residential re-roofing due to extended damage to your roof, which will cost you more than you would have spent on repairs.

7. Roofing Estimates

It is essential to note if your roof has missing shingles, they will not go away on their own, and if you ignore them, they may worsen significantly and cause leaks and molds to develop. This will only result in expensive repairs and health concerns. In Oklahoma, roof replacement can be a pricey affair.

Having fundamental knowledge before contacting a roofing company goes a long way. It will help you understand the roof’s state, including its current condition, pitch elevation, material, etc. According to Ranger Roofing USA, depending on factors like square feet of your roof, type of shingle, elevation, and so on, roof replacements in Oklahoma may cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $19,300. Your roofer should give you an exact figure after the hail damage roofing inspection for the new roof services.

Don’t accept anything short of a detailed estimate. It should clearly state what the job will involve, from the materials, like shingles, you’ll need to buy, how many people will be on-site, the timeline, any necessary permits, and anything relevant. This way, you won’t be caught off-guard by surprise costs. Some roofing contractors have a history of hitting their customers with fees they didn’t tell them about beforehand, causing them to spend more money than they intended.

Since roofs are created using different materials and roofing companies have different prices, it is important to do your due diligence. Usually, the standard charges for roof installation and replacements from roofing companies range between $300 to $500 per square foot of architectural installation. Usually, a roofer will measure a roof surface in squares equivalent to 100 feet per square. Note that the average roof size in America is at most 1,700 square feet.

On the other hand, the price range and roof replacement cost in Oklahoma will depend on several factors, including the number of chimneys, dormers, skylights, roof type, shingle types, and the location of your home. Some roof contractors charge hourly, while others charge for the entire job. Notably, the most challenging part of an entire roof job for a roofing contractor is tearing off the old shingles. You can save $1,000 by doing it yourself if you are a DIYer.

The prices may differ if your home requires new support for installing heavier material. This could be due to rotting timbers. The best roofing companies may include costs for removing the already damaged roof and the roof replacement cost in the project estimate. There are various causes of roof damage, including poor roof maintenance. Avoiding regular hail damage roofing inspections can also compromise the integrity of this important component.

Wind damage is another cause of roof damage that can add to the cost of roof installation or replacement in Oklahoma. This is because the area experiences prolonged and strong windstorms. So, if your roof is worn out or old, it may not withstand hail storms and strong winds. That said, roofing replacement requires a thorough inspection from the best roofing companies to understand the cause of damage, the best approach to the re-roofing process, and how much it’ll cost.

In Oklahoma, hail storm damage can significantly compromise your roofing system. That’s why getting a roofing company to come and perform a comprehensive hail damage roofing inspection after such an event is recommended. A professional roofer will check out all roof features, including the vents, for any damage, including dings, chipped surfaces, and dents. They’ll then recommend the necessary repairs to keep your family safe and dry and prevent further expensive damage to your home.

A professional roofing company typically does a free roof inspection. As a homeowner, you must ensure the roofing contractor comes to inspect your roof along with your insurance adjuster. This is because many insurance companies search for reasons to avoid replacing your roof for you. After all, they’re in business to make money, not lose it.

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