Storm Restoration 101: Roof, Window, and Siding Replacement

When you’ve been hit with a severe storm or weather event, it’s critical to take quick action to repair your home as soon as it’s safe to do so. Having a house that’s exposed to the element, whether through cracked windows or collapsing roof segments, will almost always result in further damage occurring in other places of the home. After a storm, it can be hard to know where to begin. In this informative video, we’ll learn about replacement windows, a key element in recovering your home security after a catastrophic weather event. Let’s get started and learn more!

Replacement windows are important for several key reasons. Firstly, a broken window can cause multiple hazards to those inside your home.

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Broken glass allows for potential intruders to easily enter your home, as well as posing an injury threat with jagged, sharp edges. You want to replace your windows ASAP if they have been cracked fully from one side to the other. However, some minor cracks and chips can be repaired manually, allowing you to keep your old window. This helpful video will outline the pros and cons of replacing your windows. Whichever path you choose, repair or replacement, you need to address broken windows before they ultimately expose your home to water damage.


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