4 Important Things to Ask Your Home Building Company

Building a home from scratch is a wonderful opportunity as it allows the homeowner to put their unique signature on the home. If you’re in this position, watch this video to arm yourself with four important questions that will help you decide on choosing the right building company to tackle your projects. Expert real estate agent John Rogers with EXP explains some of these vital questions and why you should ask them.

There are many things you can enjoy from a brand-new build and possibly even lowered purchase price, especially when there are also other phases going up. But, you can’t have just any company to build your home.

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In fact, you must use a trusted professional to do so. Not everyone realizes that sometimes long-term interest rate locks can mean a longer time to complete a home even 18 months. You need to check with the home building companies if there are any long-term interest locks in place that you should know of. The rates will change from time to time and if you are able to lock in the rate it won’t change, and you can pay the same rate until the end of the build

The four questions to ask the builder explained in this video are very important and there have been instances where families and home buyers have gotten the short end of things. This is because the terms have changed without them being knowledgeable. So do check before you agree to anything.


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